The other day, Amazon had a sale on Bushnell Legend XLT “Bone Collector” 10×42 binoculars. They were okay, but this started me on a small binocular comparison project. I tried the following models:


Everything I don’t want is boxed up and going back to Amazon tomorrow. Amazon is charging me $16 for the combined shipping, which beats paying about $7 apiece to send each pair of binoculars or each order (a couple binocs per order in some cases) back. I’m keeping:
  • Athlon Midas 8×42 //Going to compare them to the Athlon Ares 8×42 which are coming in two days and which I paid less for than these lower-price-point Midases!
  • Athlon Argos 8×34. These are keepers, period. Especially (but not only) at the $85 I paid for them because I scored a fluke Amazon Warehouse deal.
Nothing else. That’s it! I’m looking forward to receiving the Athlon Ares 8×42 in two days. I’ll probably keep those (I have discovered that I  love an open bridge binocular body for the positive grip it affords), but I want to compare them to the Midas 8x42s first. I’ll probably then send back the Midases.