• Today, I had some decent nachos at Bar Fly in Safety Harbor with a friend. I wanted, not for the first time, to have a list of places I’d eaten nachos, with notes about my opinion of their nachos.

    I don’t eat out a lot, but when I do, I very often order nachos. I’m very disappointed when a place has nachos are obviously so bad that I don’t order them, or are disappointing when I do.

    I registered some domain names (.com, .net and .org) to make such a list and share it.

    I’m thinking some of the characteristics to track would be:

    • Flavor
    • Chip quality
    • Greasiness (bad)
    • Fake cheese (a huge negative)
    • Chicken quality (I seldom get nachos with any other meat on them.)
    • Price
    • Amount of food
    • Overall perception one value
    • Whether the ingredients are mixed in with the chips
    • Whether the chips can hold their form (not turn to mush) before I get to the bottom of the dish.

    18 March 2018 Update: I’m going to keep track of nacho experiences here until I get the dedicated site up.

    18 March 2018: Ford’s Garage (a restaurant) has terrific chicken nachos. The jalapeños weren’t even hot, but tasted good. Eating the left-over last half cold this Saturday morning, they’re incredible.

    New aspect to track routinely: The morning after. How are the nachos the next day, fridge-cold?