18-200 VR advance accessories

I’m waiting on RitzCamera to get a Nikkor 18-200 VR lens in stock and fulfill my order. No rush but, really, please hurry, guys.

I want to have a UV filter ready when it arrives. But I want a 77mm UV filter as that is the professional standard, according to KenRockwell.com and at least one other source.

That means I need a 72mm-to-77mm step-up ring. Okay. $20 from Adorama.

Hoya HMC multicoated UV filter (recommended by Ken) on Adorama: $40 and change.

77mm Nikon lens cap: Almost $20.

Hey, while I’m ordering, why not order a Nikon ML-L3 infra-red remote for my D40. About $20 more.

Total bill: $101.90. Whew.