theBoom headset

I work from home. Sometimes I have my young daughter with me. She’s great. She plays around the house by herself. The only time she consistenly starts to make noise is when I’m on the phone. That’s not good for business.

Today was the final straw when my boss’s boss asked my wife when we were going to put my daughter in day care? Why?, she asked. Because I can’t talk to [your husband] anymore.

If my daughter was always as loud and needy as she acts when I’m on the phone, I’d find another solution. But the fact is, I get a lot done and she doesn’t distract me from my work. But I need a solution for when I’m on the phone — both for good relations/impressions and so she can’t interrupt my calls with noise.

Enter: theBoom. I’ve known about UweVoice’s theBoom line of headsets since August 2006 but I couldn’t justify the price to myself. I mentioned it to my wife today and we both immediately agreed that it was a must. These headsets are purported to have the best noise-canceling microphones going.

I ordered a theBoom V4, an over-the-ear headset (149.99), and a theBoom Quiet, a set of active noise reduction (ANR) full-size headphones with an removable theBoom microphone for telephone calls for $279.99. I’ll keep whichever I prefer.

It seems to me the Quiet will also let me tune out external noise allowing me to work uninterrupted in any part of the house, even if that’s on the sofa while someone is watching a movie. I don’t plan to use the ANR when I’m alone with my little girl but when we’re not alone (so she’s being watched by someone else) it might be nice to be able to tune everything out. The theBoom Quiet also come with a nice travel case, fold up nicely and will hopefully be very nice headphones for listening to music too.