F4i: First two rides report

First ride was Saturday, six days ago. Small ride to the dealership, about 13.5 miles each way. Bought that jacket that day. Okay ride, kept it under 6,000RPM with a blip up to 7.5 once. It was fine.

Second ride today. Put maybe 20 more miles on it, which is nothing but I’m not used to it and it was hot so it was enough for me.

Since I’ve now read the manual and found that previous owner did the 300-mile oil change and the bike is now out of the break-in period, I got on it a little.

Compared with my 2001 R6 (sold years ago) this was a little scary. The R6’s power didn’t scare me, though its cornering consistently did. With this Honda, the cornering is very natural and un-scary but the power is something else entirely than the R6. Probably has something to do with the sprocket tooth difference from stock done by previous owner (-1/+2).

I’m getting better at handling the bike when it’s not under power, maneuvering it onto my porch, etc.