OS X, UNIX, comfort: Annual retrospective

I bought my MacBook Pro perhaps a year ago now. While Leopard has been disappointing (terrible upgrade experience with the well-known ownership problem and not infrequent enough total hangups) my overall experience vs. Windows is wonderful. I’m very at home and, well, content. Tons of truly excellent software available. This year’s MacUpdate Promo and MacHeist bundles are great. I use DVDRemaster Pro from the MUPromo about once a day average. I use Typinator (which I’d already bought, unfortunately) tons of times every day. I already owned Parallels (got another copy in the MUPromo) but I got it for $9 after rebates (which I did receive) with my MBP purchase. SuperDuper is simply great. Quicksilver is indomitable. iStat menus and MenuCalendarClock are just right.

Hardware-wise, my Kensington Expert Mouse is the best darned pointing device I’ve ever owned or used.

Hell, even Cover Flow in the Finder is pretty good. I don’t use it much but Path Finder is very nice. If it had an Address bar, I’d use it more. And if it could merge folders, look out.

1Password is actually pretty good. NeoOffice is not bad.

I’d like something like BeyondCompare for comparing directories full of files.