iPod touch

I’ve been easing into the idea of getting an iPod touch for the following main uses

– Portable calendar (read/write)
– Portable address book (read/write)
– Portable email
– Portable web browsing. In house and on trips away from home, etc.
– Music playing (not very important to me since I have two iPods already)

Better for me than one of Nokia’s n700- or n800-series devices.

And I just hate to use my Treo for address lookups and calendaring. The screen is just too small. And no wifi. Thanks for nothing, Palm. I’m very disappointed with Treos’ historic lack of wifi.

It’s important to me that it have great syncing with my OS X iCal and Address Book apps, which I fully expect to be the case.

My wife supported me when I mentioned it today and pushed me to get one. She actually pushed me to get the 32GB version so I don’t need to upgrade later, but the difference in price (8GB $230, 16GB $299, 32GB $399) was too much for me. I wanted to keep the price around two hundred bucks. A shopping site search had a legitimate seller with an unexpectedly low price: PCConnection had the iPod touch 8GB 2nd Gen (the latest) for $189.99! Wow! I bought one immediately.