Fenix Flashlights

I’ve misplaced my xenon Surefire 6P and G2 Nitrolon high-powered small flashlights. At this point, I don’t know when they’re going to show up again, though I’m confident they will.

I need replacements. And I want a strong purse torch for my wife. And I want to switch to LED-based torches. So I checked out surefire.com and found the E1B Backup. Nice. I really like that it has a clip and that it’s reversible. But I kept looking and found candlepowerforums.com and Fenix lights.

I decided on and purchased on Fenix PD20 ($57.95) and two Fenix PD1-Q5 super-mini lamps ($49.95), one of which is for my wife’s purse. The other is for me and I haven’t decided where it’ll go. I’ll probably buy another one some day, too. But not this day.

LAPoliceGear.com got my business this time. Good prices and free shipping with a coupon code I googled for (“SPECOPS”) on orders over $124.00. The lights already had free shipping but I threw in some off-brand (i.e. non-Surefire) CR-123A batteries that required shipping. — a 20-pack for $23.00.