iPod touch 2nd Gen anti-glare film review

I got the Power Support brand anti-glare Film set (front and back) for iPod touch 1st Generation as a Christmas gift from OHA. It was for the wrong generation iPod touch but the front fit great and the back fit okay.

This is a matte finish screen protector. I love it. It’s easy to read the screen, it was easy to put on — it wasn’t so large that it was hard to get it on perfectly. It was nice and thick, too, which made it easier to get on that some films.

I’m totally happy. Since I installed it a couple weeks ago, it has been wonderful. It looks like new.

Apple Store part number is TP871LL/A. www.powersupportusa.com. If I ever need a new one, I’ll be buying the same screen, albeit the one cut for the 2nd Generation iPod touch.