New Office Chair

My six-month-old Office chair is hurting me. It’s a piece of junk, low-end high-back chair from OfficeMax. Junker I got for probably fifty bucks on sale.

The butt cushion has bottomed out, leaving two leg imprints on the chair and causing pain when I stand up after sitting a while. Damn.

Talked to my wife and she urged me to not skimp on the next chair.

After a lot of research and sitting, I bought a Steelcase Leap v1 black fabric, black base chair from a guy on eBay that ships them out of New York. Used but reportedly in “MINT Like New Condition.” Mint? Okay, here’s my $399 and nothing extra for shipping. If the chair works a long time without trouble and is clean, it’s a deal.

I wanted the v1, not the latest v2. I sat on a v2 at Sam Flax (store) in Orlando yesterday and didn’t love the seat butt part angle. The v1 lets you control that angle but the v2 doesn’t. Suck. And I’ve read the v1 is heavier and with better metal. I’ve also read the v1’s armrests are not as adjustable. The v2’s adjustable armrests — they move on two axes! — are simply awesome. I hope the v1’s wont’ be a letdown for me. But I definitely want a v1, not a v2.

The Leap’s butt pad is indeed hard, as I’d been led to believe by some reviews. But if I can pivot it (v1-only) to the ideal position for me, maybe that’ll be okay. And if not, I’ll get thin gel or foam pad to put on it. Or get it reupholstered if I must. Something very cushy. I like thick but fairly firm cushioning. says their warranty (lifetime) is nontransferable. Boo!