Whither iPhone?

T-Mobile is offering a big deal. I called yesterday to cancel my wife’s BlackBerry data plan (unreliable, but we suspect the phone is the problem) and they told me about two deals:

1. Two-line unlimited minutes Family Plan for $89.98 per month. Whoah. That’s $10 less than a single line Unlimited Family Plan and $20 more than a 400-minute two-line MyFaves family plan ($69.99); the same as a 1000-minute MyFaves Family Plan and $30 more than a 700-minutes (non-MyFaves) two-line Family Plan. (All of those comparison plans have unlimited Nights+Weekends.)
2. Transfer a line of service from another carrier (not prepaid) and get $135 credit to your T-Mobile account in 15 days.

So this got me thinking about an iPhone again.

After a lot of calls to T-Mobile and one or two to AT&T, I decide to get a 3G iPhone 16GB at Wal-Mart and transfer it to T-Mobile and upgrade to the unlimited minutes Family Plan. We’ll be paying a lot more than we pay now monthly but I can use the phone for business. It’s unlimited.

I bought the iPhone today, called T-Mobile, transferred it, then called AT&T. The nice AT&T lady, Deborah, told me if it doesn’t work out I have 30 days to come back to AT&T with no hard feelings and no fees. Wow!

I now need to get my iPhone working on T-Mobile. I only expect to be able to get EDGE working, not 3G, but I think that’ll be okay for me.

Also, T-Mobile has a free overnight shipping deal this week so I’ll have my Nokia 6263 tomorrow. (I had to pick a phone anyway. Two year commitment with this deal so why not get the free phone?) My wife picked out the phone. She can use it when she’s bored of her BlackBerry.