Upgraded MacBook Pro Internal Hard Drive

I installed my new (320GB, 7200RPM) Hitachi 7K320 (0A57547) 2.5-inch hard drive in my MacBook Pro. Copied it from 120GB 5400RPM internal Fujitsu drive yesterday. Maybe didn’t SVN commit trivial changes after 6pm yesterday. No biggie. Here’s a review of the drive by Tomshardware. And here’s the NewEgg page, for user reviews and specs.

These install instructions worked great. I was referred to that page from this page, which I believe I found in a google search.

I got a little scare when the power button didn’t turn the MBP on at first. But pushing it a couple times or holding it a while or the combination of both handled this.

The install didn’t take more than thirty minutes.

I have 202GB fee now instead of 12GB. I can move my iTunes from my G-Drive Mini Triple 500GB onto the internal drive now. And perhaps even move my pictures there. But before I do, I have to make enough room on my backup drive for the extra data that’ll be on my system drive.

A note about my MacBookPro. I’ve been putting off this hard drive install as I wanted to get the top panel replaced on my MacBookPro first. The paint has been coming off under my left palm for some time now. But I called the Apple store the other day and they needed 24 hours to turn it around. And I don’t live near there so I couldn’t do it then.

I’m noting this in my blog, today, 9 April 2009, so there’s absolutely no question that this paint problem was not caused by the new hard drive. The hard drive came way after the paint/finish problem.