Incase Clip Case for iPhone 3G S

I went to the Apple Store in International Plaza today with a stuck key (/?) in my 2.16GHz MacBook Pro. The very helpful Genius Bar Genius ordered cleaned around my old key, ordered me a new keyboard and also ordered me a new top case panel as this one wore away the finish under my hand. Two before him had declined to replace the top case panel, saying it was cosmetic. I’d say it was a defect as the use I gave it was very reasonable. Anyway, that’s a super boring story for another time, or never.

Anyway, I’ve been wanting a belt clip case for my iPhone 3G S like the gorgeous one for my wife’s BlackBerry Pearl Flip. So I grabbed about seven possible candidate cases and checked them out. For me, the clear winner was the $34.99 InCase Clip Case for iPhone 3G S. It’s the same rubber case that is usually $30 by itself — too much for just the rubber case. But this variation comes with a nice rotating belt clip that also operates as a stand. Very nice.

This went on my phone immediately, replacing my Agent 18 Eco-Slider, which is in perfect condition but doesn’t have a belt clip. Nice case, by the way, if you want a slider. Turns out sliders aren’t for me.