So long, iPad (for now).

I bought an iPad 64GB 3G on Sunday. I returned it to the Apple Store last night (Thursday). Here are the reasons:

  1. It would forget my [Verizon FiOS WEP] access point’s password. Re-entering the password wouldn’t handle it, it would keep asking me for the password. Pushing <Cancel> to the first password prompt sometimes solved it. Other than that, renewing the DHCP lease wouldn’t get me connected to the internet and I wound up telling the iPad to forget the connection more than once to get connected to the internet. For the $887 I paid for this hipster lifestyle device, I really just want it to work.
  2. The headphone jack was crooked. Again, for the money, I’d expect this to not be an issue. When returning it to the Apple Store last night, I checked the headphone jack in five display unit iPads. One of them had a crooked jack and it was less crooked than the one in my iPad.

The Apple store gave me my money back. Of course, I did not pay a restocking fee as both problems are product deficiencies.

Note that the second non-sponsored search result on Google.com for “ipad wifi” (without quotes) yesterday (and still today) was a link about iPad wi-fi problems.

I’ll come back to the iPad, I’m sure. But perhaps I’ll wait until June 2011, when I hope they’ll release a new model.