+iPad 2 32GB 3G AT&T

Someone came to the office today and said they had just bought themselves an iPad 2 3G AT&T at Best Buy today and that they had one or more in stock still. So I called and they had two. So I ran over and bought one.

I had one on order from Apple but it wasn’t scheduled to ship until 25 April.

I went to the Apple Store last weekend (a few days ago) to get an iPad but they only had white Verizon iPads in stock. No, thanks. I read that AT&T’s 3G network is considerably faster than Verizon’s and that AT&T’s network technology has room to speed up where as Verizon’s CDMA network is running at its maximum speed already.

Damaged iPads
There’s a little more to this. The first iPad I bought today had scratches on its back. (It was not an open box model.) I noticed on the drive home so I turned around immediately and had Best Buy replace it with the other one. The replacement also has at least two vertical scratches on its back but they’re not ugly like the scratches on the first one. These scratches are not obvious, so no big deal. But scratches on the back of a $700 aluminum computer from Apple are a real surprise.