So, Apple Watch. Huh.

Alright, here’s what happened. On the day Apple released the iPhone SE and some new Apple Watch bands (but no new Apple Watch), the guys over at put Apple Watch Sport on sale. Ugh. I’d been wanting something (okay, an Apple Watch) to remind me to stand up every hour. This pushed me over the edge. I didn’t want aluminum and I didn’t want the black finish either, whether over aluminum or steel.

So I went to Amazon. Ultimately, I found an Apple Watch 42mm (steel) with its original brown leather band for $305 shipped (no charger). I bought a 2m charger from Apple for something like $40 and I was set.

Both watch and charger arrived last night. So far, I like it.

Update: According to, my Apple Watch’s warranty expires 1 November 2016. Not bad.