Macminicolo/MacStadium hosted Mac mini

For the last two months, I tried out a rented quad-core i7 16GB 1TB Mac mini with Macminicolo/MacStadium. My experience was excellent. Support ticket response was  always fast, friendly and patient. The Internet connection was fast, as advertised. It was an excellent experience.

I’m dropping it because I don’t need it that badly. I took the plunge because they were running a special after the merger of the two operations, where you get a rented Mac mini plus unlimited Remote Hands for $69/month. An excellent deal if you need it and don’t mind renting the Mac.

If I ever go back, I’ll send them a Mac mini of my own and get their $55 hosting plan for the first month (includes Remote Hands) and then downgrade to the $35 once I everything is dialed in.