Spyderco Southard Folding Knife

I ordered a Spyderco Brad Southard folding knife tonight. I’d had my eye on this model for years. Amazon Warehouse had it for $20 below the lowest new price CamelCamelCamel.com listed for the knife.

I had previously also been interested in the Chris Reeve Sebenza folding knife. But after ordering the Southard tonight and then watching some reviews of both knives, I’m no longer interested in the Sebenza. I’m confident the opening action on the Sebenza would be amazing. But I just don’t care — the Southard just speaks to me, whereas the Sebenza does not. This is all based on Internet videos and reading, not holding each in my hand. Perhaps the Sebenza would wow me in person. Perhaps the Southard will be way too big or thick for me once I use it. We’ll see how it goes.

I’ll take this $165 Southard over $375 on Amazon for a Small Sebenza 21 which I no longer even find visually appealing.

Update: I received it last week. I knew immediately that it was not for me. Really thick overall. Asymmetrical design, which I’d read about but really disliked in person. Glad looked really nice. Flipper wasn’t that fun. This is not my first flipper — I used to own a SOG flipper. I put it right back in the Amazon box and returned it. I’ve never returned something to Amazon so fast.