Dell U3014 30″ Display

My 24” Dell monitor wasn’t cutting it on my Mac Mini, so I looked up the maximum resolution it would push (2560×1600 at 60Hz) and went hunting. I found a good condition Dell 30” U3014 on eBay for $250 and went for it. It arrived today. It’s incredible. Wonderful for viewing, sharing and presumably for editing photos. I didn’t care that it was factory calibrated and should have really accurate color rendition… until I used it. Now I’m a believer, in this resolution, this size, and high-end, factory-calibrated monitors.

The Morning After Update 3 March 2018: It’s still beautiful. Been using it today. Very spacious. I use three monitors on my computer at work and that’s also a good setup. I want one addition monitor here at home to supplement this one. A place to dump windows I’m not working with but might want to hear from, such as Messages.

24 February 2019: My 30” Dell U3014, which I’ve used on my desk at home since its purchase, is still running great. I picked up another one, which I use at the office. That one is also doing well. I just love these monitors. They don’t feel big anymore, but smaller monitors do feel small.