Goodbye, Onewheel.

I bought my Onewheel+ during their Pioneers promo in late 2016. I loved it. At around 70 miles cumulative, I really started to have a good time on it. At 80-something miles, I took a spill, breaking my arm. I hung onto the board until about a week ago when I put it up for sale on my wife’s Facebook account. I sold it tonight a nice fella who wanted it as a second for the OneWheel+ XR which expects delivery of in April of this year (2018). I’ll miss it a lot, but my plan is to switch down to electric skateboards and hope that that gives me something like the enjoyment I extracted from my Onewheel, but with a little less skill required to keep both feet on the board.

27 May 2018: I still miss my Onewheel. From the moment I started using its replacement, a Metroboard 36” Mid-size Gravity-decked electric skateboard, I’ve maintained the impression that my Onewheel was actually safer overall for me. Oh, man.