Hello, iPhone Xs.

A friend was upgrading his iPhone X to an iPhone 11. He offered to sell me his. I wasn’t excited to upgrade from my most excellent iPhone 7 256, but I went for it. Then his wife was selling her iPhone Xs, too, and he called me from the store offering for me to buy that instead of his. Instead? If we’re doing unnecessary upgrades, let’s go all-in! I bought his iPhone X for my wife (to upgrade her iPhone 7 Plus) and his wife’s iPhone Xs to upgrade my iPhone 7.

My wife has been using her X for a few days and really likes it.

We sorted out the unlocking on the Xs (which took calendar days) and my wife picked up the compatible SIM for me today. I’ve had it working on cellular for about ten minutes.

So far, using the Xs essentially as an iPod for half a week, I really like it. I don’t want to go back to a buttoned iPhone.

My wife never wanted to leave her buttoned iPhone but she says she is totally happy with this buttonless X.